Eron Willowfeather

"What truely matters is the good that one does. The law is only a guideline towards that good."


Eron Willowfeather is the High Priest of Heironeous, who is stationed within the town of Pulehrennel within its cathedral.

Unlike other clerics of Heironeous, Eron isn’t too big on making his image, or the image of his acolytes as militant defenders of the town, but rather more as communal defenders and guides. Eron advocates words and mutual understanding over weapons, and to be as a mediator and a leader for when a mediator or a leader is needed.

Because of this, Eron Willowfeather came to be highly respected by the general population of Pulehrennel, and even by a few abroad.


Eron Willowfeather is a Half-Elven man with a slender build, white skin, round ears, shoulder length blonde hair, and green eyes.

Eron can seen around town wearing white and blue robes on his daily routines of providing guidance to those who come to him.

Eron Willowfeather

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